The Vegan Bus is pleased to announce the next phase of our education and outreach efforts – THE VEGAN BUS ZINE!

As we travel from town to town and from event to event we would like to hand out literature that will help open hearts and minds to the benefits of veganism and sustainable living. I have long believed that the best way to do this is artistically. Art is a direct transmission of ideas that can exceed the limits of language. A picture can tell a thousand words, and an artistic image can do even more. And words themselves are of course more powerful when they are crafted together artistically. This is why we are choosing to create zines rather than mere pamphlets and brochures, which sound rather hum drum to me.


We envision the Vegan Bus as a tribal community, made up of a core group of members who travel with the bus as well as a network of members who support us in our efforts. The Zine project will rely on contributions from artists and writers who believe in what we do. We are now officially asking for contributions of all sorts. We do not want to stifle creative possibilities by stating what we will publish, but here are some guidelines for the types of art and writing we would like to include:

Personal Stories
How did you become vegan? How do you try to limit your impact on the planet’s resources? How does your garden grow? Metaphors and surrealism are welcome.

We are looking for well-written articles about veganism and animal rights. We have an abolitionist approach and believe that the main thrust of the AR movement should be towards converting people to veganism, so keep that in mind. We also would like to feature articles about sustainable living – solar and wind energy, alternative fuels, organic agriculture, etc.

Photographs, paintings, woodblock prints, collage, anything that will reproduce well in black and white. We may have color cover art as well. Themes that address veganism, animal rights, sustainability, or even the existential angst that capitalism and materialism brings about. The art can be uplifting or confrontational. Comic strips would be really great too!

Vegan Recipes:
Part of helping people move towards veganism is helping them find alternatives to their meat-centric diets. We want the zine to give them the tools, and recipes are a big part of that. We would like recipes that are delicious but also that are easy to make and don’t have ingredients non-vegans aren’t familiar with. Bonus points if the recipe uses ingredients that are inexpensive so that people living on low income can easily prepare them.

DIY Instructions:
We would like to include at least one DIY project in each issue. Things that can help people live sustainably. Examples would be solar cookers, solar dehydrators, worm compost, clothing, etc. Written instruction along with photos or diagrams would be great.

The zine will be used to help raise money and therefore we can not pay for contributions. If you are looking for money then you probably aren’t in line with our mission anyway… However, we will give each person whose contributions are used several copies of the zine they are published in. If your art makes the cover, we will give you a Vegan Bus tee shirt along with 50 copies of the zine!

We want to give the zine out for free so that the most people can benefit from it. It will be an ongoing project with many issues, and hopefully larger and larger print runs as we go. The way we hope to do this is to offer advertising in the zine. This can often be a slippery slope, but we feel there are plenty of companies who are providing services that are in line with our ethics and ambitions who will be willing to advertise. We will also of course feature ads from non-profit organizations. If you fall into one of the above categories and are interested in advertising please contact us about rates.

We are hoping to have the first issue published by the end of August. We would like to have a sample with content to take to potential advertisers by mid August. We are asking for contributions as soon as possible. If you are interested in contributing please contact us!