Chris Phillips is an activist, musician, graphic artist and visionary. Chris has worked as an event planner for the past 10 years, most recently coordinating a host of events pertaining to social justice at the Charter Oak Cultural Center in Hartford, CT. He is skilled in consensus-based decision making and group meeting facilitation.

In 2008, Chris bought a full-size school bus and transformed it in to a vegetable oil and solar powered motor home using mostly recycled materials. Chris is looking forward to sharing his skills on alternative energy and school bus transformation with Evolvegan and the Vegan Bus.


Sugati Phillips, a visual artist, dancer and author has been active in animal rights and environmentalism for over a decade. Her passion lies within connecting her activism with her artistic endeavors. She has been involved in many art shows throughout her native state of Connecticut. In 2008, Sugati wrote the book She is a River, which explores our awakening to a more compassionate view of the world and all of its inhabitants. It is Sugatiís mission to express stories still untold to support our cultureís evolving consciousness.