Heather Bargeron lives at Porcupine Hill, a 200 acre organic farm in windsor, MA. The farm has been the home for many dozens of WWOOFERS (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) from around the world. The farm has also been home to many animals that were adopted from shelters or rescued directly. She is a qualified natural hoof trimmer and offers her services to shelters. Her present duties include vegetable growing, horse maintenance, building projects, maple sugaring, haying (including restoring old fields) and taking in and scheduling WWOOFERS. She ran a small graphic arts business for 20+ years from the farm, and acted as the director of a theater camp/company that was held there for 13 years.

Heather has been vegetarian for 42 years and vegan for 32. Heather was a pioneer in the animal rights movement as one of the founding members of Advocates for Animals, an animal rights group in Berkshire County during the eighties. She has been employed for the last four years at Cafe Evolution, a vegan retaurant in Florence, MA. as chef. Her current plans for Porcupine Hill in conjunction with the vegan community in Western Massachusetts include developing a program utilizing the gardens, barn and kitchen wherein she can demonstrate the entire process of making a garden and then making simple vegan meals from the harvest.

Heather has been a board member for the past 25 years at a community cross country ski area in Windsor, MA called Notchview, where she also gives lessons. Heather’s hope in becoming part of Evolvegan as a board member is to assist the group with outreach beyond the vegan community. She would like to find ways demonstrate to the general public the benefits of a life lived conscientiously with both the animals and environment.