The Vegan Bus itself may run on waste vegetable oil, but it takes a village to raise a bus. And not just any old village, but a dedicated and determined village. The following people are integral to the Vegan Bus project:

Evolvegan Board of Directors

Vegan Bus Crew

  • Alisa Kowal
  • Amanda Woolley
  • Gina Gaetz
  • Ila Brudner
  • Kristen Joyce
  • Madeleine Hahn
  • Meredith Madyda
  • Rob Templeton
  • Sarah Peters
  • Wendy Berleps

Vegan Bus Alumni

  • Amanda Turk (Helped pick up the bus from Maine & organize early fundraisers)
  • Nicole Anastasi (Burning Man 2007)
  • Megan LaBonte (Burning Man 2007)
  • Claire McRae (Burning Man 2007)
  • Jenna Wikler (Burning Man 2007)
  • Neil & Annie Hornish (Video Documenting)

Support Crew

If you are interested in being a part of the project, please contact us!