fire dancers performing on the levy in New Orleans

The Vegan Bus is a project of Evolvegan, a non-profit that uses art, performance, and media to educate and increase public awareness about the connections between dietary choice, personal health, cultural ethics, and globally sustainable ecology.

The bus is a vehicle for transporting activists and artists, performers and revolutionaries to schools and events around the United States. Unlike much vegan activism, we hope to emphasize the positive aspects of veganism; community, health, delicious food, living from the heart and enjoying life with a clear conscience. One of our concepts is to create “scenes” that draw people in through music, dance, performance, and other participatory art forms. We feel that once people are opened up by art and community they are in a more receptive space to hear about the hard truths about dietary choices and sustainability issues. We feel that too much of the current animal rights movement uses anger and shock tactics that close people’s minds to the core message that our consumption choices matter.

We would like to connect vegan performers, musicians and artists around the country so that when we tour we can put on unique shows and create impromptu “scenes” wherever we go. To this end we have created a google group, “the Evolvegan Circus“, as a way of communicating and bringing people interested in participating in the project together. If you have a talent that you would like to share with the world to further veganism and sustainability please join the circus!

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