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The Power of Art on Wheels

Posted by on 12 Oct 2013 | Tagged as: Art, The Bus Blog

The Vegan Bus with a flying pig

The phrase “when pigs fly” is an adynaton—a figure of speech so hyperbolic that it describes an impossibility.” ~Wikipedia

I have been thinking a lot for the last couple of years about reviving the Vegan Bus Project. While we did amazing things with the bus, it has never reached its full potential. Sure, we drove over 2,000 miles to Burning Man on our maiden voyage, and were featured on Supreme Master TV… but we never raised the money we needed to kick some serious ass and bring the vegan message to the masses like I had dreamed when we started.

For the last 3 years the bus has been parked in various locations, waiting for me to make up my mind. The bus has never left my heart, and I have decided the only way to do it is to do it right. My vision is a pig with wings. When pigs fly the world will become vegan. The bus already has a cute snubby pig nose, all it needs is the rest. Wings with solar panels that power a PA system. A stage that lowers from the side of the bus and provides a platform for performance art, music, yoga classes, lectures, you name it. LED lights all around, and other technologies that exemplify green.

Before we start the fundraising, we want to get some artists’ renderings of what the bus could look like. We are putting out a call to visual artists, graphic designers, engineers, or anyone who has magical powers of creativity to help us visualize the bus as a pig. Once we get some nice ideas and art to inspire people with, we will start a crowdsource fundraiser complete with a video featuring vintage vegan bus footage and the submitted visions of the bus. The shit is going to go viral. To contribute your art or ideas to the project please contact us! All contributors will receive some Vegan Bus swag, and lots of love and appreciation in our future endeavors.

This post anticipates the release of my interview on Our Hen House podcast tomorrow, where I will officially announce the revitalization of the project.

This post did not anticipate this cool art vehicle by one of my favorite artists, Banksy. His piece “Sirens of the Lambs” is driving around the Meat Packing District in NYC, an animal transport vehicle with stuffed farm animals bleating and crying with their heads hanging out the narrow opening. Do you think this is powerful art? Another vehicle of transformation?


Posted by on 23 Oct 2010 | Tagged as: Art, Events

Bookapalooza 2010

Old Dynamite Records Space at lower level of
150 Main St in Northampton, MA 01060


Come one, come all to the greatest show on Earth! BOOKAPALOOZA is a fundraiser for EVOLVEGAN, a non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyles through skill sharing and conscious evolution.

We are bringing you a earth-friendly way to ease into the holidays with gifts and recipes and community and fun! We will have authors on hand with cookbooks, art and photography books, and more. We will also have a selection of books on vegetarianism, environmentalism, religion, and social justice available from Lantern Books. There will be yummy vegan food to sample and buy (see below).

There will be live art and music performances, a kombucha-making demo, children’s activities, a silent auction, raffle, massage table, gift vendors, and unpredictable shenanigans galore!

Whatever you do you won’t want to miss the madness that is the first annual Evolvegan BOOKAPALOOZA!!!


We will also have a selection of books on vegetarianism, environmentalism, religion, and social justice available from Lantern Books


  • Bone Flower Botanikals live food delicacies and elixirs.
  • Dharma Boutique Fairly Traded, Sacred Gifts from India and Afghanistan
  • Divine Treasures Decadent vegan chocolates (available locally at Cornucopia)
  • Inspirit Common providing hot chai and metaphysical gifts
  • Lantern Books books on vegetarianism, environmentalism, religion, and social justice
  • Love Alive – High Vibrational Living Foods for Ecstatic Super-Beings!
  • Massages by Susan Brudner (currently scheduling appointments at Karma)
  • Oh Sweet Mama’s Vegan Bakery Decadent vegan baked goods and wedding cakes
  • Solentiname Fair trade colorful hand made gifts from Nicaragua
  • Free Food Samples of holiday recipes from the cookbooks we are featuring


  • 1:00pm – Tarab Orkestar (music and dance ensemble under the influence of Middle Eastern rhythms)
  • 1:45pm – Readings by Featured Authors
  • 2:00pm – Spacelord Scott (acoustic intrerlude)
  • 2:30pm – Acroyoga Demonstration
  • 3:00 PM The Acoustic Kelvins
  • 4:00 PM - The Rosettes
  • 4:45pm – Closing Banter and Ukulele Dance Party
  • 5:00pm – Event Ends

Thanks to our CONTRIBUTORS!:

Special thanks to VEGFUND for a $150 grant to allow us give free food samples at the event!!

facebook_50pxVisit BOOKAPALOOZA on Facebook

Investigate and/or order our featured books online here:

Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farm Animals in Stories and Photographs

Ninety-Five: Meeting America's Farm Animals in Stories and Photographs

Don't Eat Me cookbook

Don't Eat Me!

Vegan Bus Looking For Interns!

Posted by on 06 Feb 2009 | Tagged as: Art, ZINE


The Vegan Bus is gearing up to go on tour this summer and we are looking for passionate people to help us achieve our goals for 2009. These positions are great opportunities to work with an imaginative and progressive organization, to build your resume, and to contribute to the animal rights movement. While we can not compensate monetarily just yet, we can help you get college credit and we also promise you will have fun. There will be yummy vegan food provided while you are working with us as well! Did we mention tee shirts? and of course you will be invited to attend events on and off the road with the bus! The following positions are available:


We are looking for enthusiastic people to help organize our summer tour, research and write grants, and develop programs based around performance art and humane education. If you are vegan friendly, creative, have good writing or PR skills, passion, and a desire to change the world, please contact us for more information!


Looking for a well-rounded designer-programmer to work as an intern. We have an existing site with hundreds of members that you will help overhaul (not the Vegan Bus website). You will work closely with our in house web guru who has been programming since Atari was the hottest thing out there. This is a great chance to expand your knowledge, work with interesting people, and be treated to vegan food that doesn’t suck. You will of course be helping save animals. There will also be opportunities to go on tour with The Vegan Bus over the summer, which is tied in to this project. We will work with your school to help you get credit. The metaphysical benefits are immense. After all, you will be helping to shape the future of human evolution.

Qualified candidates should know:

  • Should be familiar with the concept of semantic markup.
  • Experience with WordPress or Drupal a major plus. (We’ll be using Drupal.)
  • We’ll also be exploring AJAX and other Web 2.0 magic, learning as we go.


This position would entail working on the project listed above as well as helping produce a printed zine in conjunction with the launch of the revamped website. Same benefits as above. You will be working with Vegan Bus founder Derek Goodwin. Expect to have fun!

Qualified candidates should know:

  • Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS helpful
  • Flash Animation

Contact Us Through this website about any of the listed positions.

Contribute to the Vegan Bus Zine!

Posted by on 24 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: Art, Humane Education, Sustainable Energy, Veganism

The Vegan Bus is pleased to announce the next phase of our education and outreach efforts – THE VEGAN BUS ZINE!

As we travel from town to town and from event to event we would like to hand out literature that will help open hearts and minds to the benefits of veganism and sustainable living. I have long believed that the best way to do this is artistically. Art is a direct transmission of ideas that can exceed the limits of language. A picture can tell a thousand words, and an artistic image can do even more. And words themselves are of course more powerful when they are crafted together artistically. This is why we are choosing to create zines rather than mere pamphlets and brochures, which sound rather hum drum to me.


We envision the Vegan Bus as a tribal community, made up of a core group of members who travel with the bus as well as a network of members who support us in our efforts. The Zine project will rely on contributions from artists and writers who believe in what we do. We are now officially asking for contributions of all sorts. We do not want to stifle creative possibilities by stating what we will publish, but here are some guidelines for the types of art and writing we would like to include:

Personal Stories
How did you become vegan? How do you try to limit your impact on the planet’s resources? How does your garden grow? Metaphors and surrealism are welcome.

We are looking for well-written articles about veganism and animal rights. We have an abolitionist approach and believe that the main thrust of the AR movement should be towards converting people to veganism, so keep that in mind. We also would like to feature articles about sustainable living – solar and wind energy, alternative fuels, organic agriculture, etc.

Photographs, paintings, woodblock prints, collage, anything that will reproduce well in black and white. We may have color cover art as well. Themes that address veganism, animal rights, sustainability, or even the existential angst that capitalism and materialism brings about. The art can be uplifting or confrontational. Comic strips would be really great too!

Vegan Recipes:
Part of helping people move towards veganism is helping them find alternatives to their meat-centric diets. We want the zine to give them the tools, and recipes are a big part of that. We would like recipes that are delicious but also that are easy to make and don’t have ingredients non-vegans aren’t familiar with. Bonus points if the recipe uses ingredients that are inexpensive so that people living on low income can easily prepare them.

DIY Instructions:
We would like to include at least one DIY project in each issue. Things that can help people live sustainably. Examples would be solar cookers, solar dehydrators, worm compost, clothing, etc. Written instruction along with photos or diagrams would be great.

The zine will be used to help raise money and therefore we can not pay for contributions. If you are looking for money then you probably aren’t in line with our mission anyway… However, we will give each person whose contributions are used several copies of the zine they are published in. If your art makes the cover, we will give you a Vegan Bus tee shirt along with 50 copies of the zine!

We want to give the zine out for free so that the most people can benefit from it. It will be an ongoing project with many issues, and hopefully larger and larger print runs as we go. The way we hope to do this is to offer advertising in the zine. This can often be a slippery slope, but we feel there are plenty of companies who are providing services that are in line with our ethics and ambitions who will be willing to advertise. We will also of course feature ads from non-profit organizations. If you fall into one of the above categories and are interested in advertising please contact us about rates.

We are hoping to have the first issue published by the end of August. We would like to have a sample with content to take to potential advertisers by mid August. We are asking for contributions as soon as possible. If you are interested in contributing please contact us!

Vegan Bus in PV Sustain Art Contest

Posted by on 27 Jun 2008 | Tagged as: Art, Sustainable Energy

I recently entered The Vegan Bus in a contest to try to win a $5000 grant to have solar panels put on the bus. The contest was sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network which

is a formalization of many informal networks of sustainability experts in the area which acts as a vehicle to bridge the gap between practitioners and researchers in the area of sustainable development, with an initial emphasis on sustainable land use and energy use.

The contest was for art that has a sustainable theme…

what does sustainability in the Pioneer Valley look like, sound like, feel like? How can it be represented? Is it best articulated through a device, or through dance, music, film, sculpture, or two-dimensional design?

My proposal concerned the Vegan Bus being an artwork in process, and the addition of solar technology would enable us to educate about that technology all over the Pioneer Valley. According to myself…

I believe it will take vast acts of imagination to transform our civilizations to conscious and sustainable ones. It is the mission of the artist to help people transcend their traditions and evolutionary inertias. The concept of The Vegan Bus came to me when I had the epiphany that I was dreaming too small. I realized that the world needed a vehicle of transformation. An artistic statement on wheels that would attract people by its very nature and leave them with something to think about. An artwork they could admire from the outside, or climb aboard and engage. Added to that a group of performers and activists to convey the Sustainable Message in a variety of ways.

Out of 20 entries I was chosen as one of the semi-finalists, which meant I had to go give a 10 minute talk about the work and answer questions from the 10 “celebrity judges”. These included John Majercak from the Center for Ecological Technology (CET) and the ReStore, Monte Belmonte from the River and Hillary Price, the cartoonist of Rhymes with Orange fame. The event was held at the Academy of Music. I was the third to present and got a little stage fright once the bright lights hit my eyes, but overall I did a fair job at stating my case and was the only artist to garner applause for one of my comments (about artists collaborating on sustainability projects).

I did not end up winning although I did get insider info that I was one of the top three that the judges ended up choosing between. The artist who won was Jane Beatrice Wegscheider with her project “A Table Set Forever“. That was one of my favorite entries, along with an ambitious project by an 18 year old young man named RJ Magoon.

This project has really helped me to focus my thoughts a bit, as well as getting a better understanding of what we will need to do to install solar photovoltaics on the bus. I am ready to do some grant writing and soliciting of sponsorships! I am really happy this opportunity came along and that artists are thinking about sustainability issues.

Check out The Vegan Bus Solar Installation proposal on the PV Sustain web site.

Star Drooker Polaroid Grid

Posted by on 19 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: Art, Our Travels

Star Drooker Polaroid Grid of Derek Goodwin in the Vegan Bus

On our way to Burning Man 2007 we stopped somewhere for something, and Star created this Polaroid photo grid of me sitting in the driver seat of the bus staring out into the evening’s golden sunlight. Photographers sometimes call this “god lighting” or something akin to that. It makes skin glow.

Check out more of Star’s grids at his Salmonboy Studios web site. Star is also the owner of a vegan cafe in Northampton, MA called Cafe Evolution, where one can see lots of his amazing photo grids up close and in person. Evolution is also the home of Oh Sweet Mama’s Vegan Bakery.

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