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The Power of Art on Wheels

Posted by on 12 Oct 2013 | Tagged as: Art, The Bus Blog

The Vegan Bus with a flying pig

The phrase “when pigs fly” is an adynaton—a figure of speech so hyperbolic that it describes an impossibility.” ~Wikipedia

I have been thinking a lot for the last couple of years about reviving the Vegan Bus Project. While we did amazing things with the bus, it has never reached its full potential. Sure, we drove over 2,000 miles to Burning Man on our maiden voyage, and were featured on Supreme Master TV… but we never raised the money we needed to kick some serious ass and bring the vegan message to the masses like I had dreamed when we started.

For the last 3 years the bus has been parked in various locations, waiting for me to make up my mind. The bus has never left my heart, and I have decided the only way to do it is to do it right. My vision is a pig with wings. When pigs fly the world will become vegan. The bus already has a cute snubby pig nose, all it needs is the rest. Wings with solar panels that power a PA system. A stage that lowers from the side of the bus and provides a platform for performance art, music, yoga classes, lectures, you name it. LED lights all around, and other technologies that exemplify green.

Before we start the fundraising, we want to get some artists’ renderings of what the bus could look like. We are putting out a call to visual artists, graphic designers, engineers, or anyone who has magical powers of creativity to help us visualize the bus as a pig. Once we get some nice ideas and art to inspire people with, we will start a crowdsource fundraiser complete with a video featuring vintage vegan bus footage and the submitted visions of the bus. The shit is going to go viral. To contribute your art or ideas to the project please contact us! All contributors will receive some Vegan Bus swag, and lots of love and appreciation in our future endeavors.

This post anticipates the release of my interview on Our Hen House podcast tomorrow, where I will officially announce the revitalization of the project.

This post did not anticipate this cool art vehicle by one of my favorite artists, Banksy. His piece “Sirens of the Lambs” is driving around the Meat Packing District in NYC, an animal transport vehicle with stuffed farm animals bleating and crying with their heads hanging out the narrow opening. Do you think this is powerful art? Another vehicle of transformation?

Where Is the Vegan Bus?

Posted by on 02 Nov 2012 | Tagged as: The Bus Blog

The Vegan Bus at its undisclosed location in Western MA

The Vegan Bus at its undisclosed location in Western MA. A small tree fell on it that caused no damage but made a nice prop for photos of Scott & Anya.

The Vegan Bus is currently “Out of Service” and parked safely on the property of a supporter who lives in Western Massachusetts. As the founder and visionary of the project, I have been pursuing other life goals, while keeping the bus and my vision for it alive in my heart.

In 2010 I began spending my winters in New Orleans, where I discovered Jivamukti Yoga. In 2011 I became a Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and in April of this year I was hired by Jivamukti Yoga to become the project manager for an ambitious new web site that we are about to launch. This was the cause for my move to NYC.

Now that I have become established in NYC, and am connecting to the vegan scene there, I have been considering the fate of the Vegan Bus Project, and am happy to say that I am still enthusiastic about it and am going to start fund-raising and organizing for the project in NYC, where there are considerably more resources than in Western MA for vegans and our crazy ideas.

We have also resurrected Vegan Radio in NYC, with my new co-host Lo Vee, and it will play a part in promoting and documenting the Vegan Bus Project.

My connection to Western MA is still strong, as well as to Woodstock, NY, and to New York City. It is likely that the bus will become a part of all of these communities, and a shared resource for vegans in the northeast and beyond. While the plans and ideas get sorted out I will keep you posted through this blog.

The Bus is Back!

Posted by on 11 Mar 2010 | Tagged as: The Bus Blog

Bus parked at Porcupine Hills Farm for the winter.

The Vegan Bus rests at Porcupine Hill Farm for the winter

2009 was a transitional year for the Vegan Bus. We were often frustrated by mechanical difficulties, mainly having to do with the brakes and brake lines breaking, true to their nature. We were thwarted from bringing the bus to a planned July 4th event in Philadelphia and then the Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down in August. We still attended by car, and out of these adversities we grew stronger.

2009 is the year we formed a non-profit called Evolvegan to fund the bus, Vegan Radio, and other projects that combine art, media and outreach. We put together a really great board of directors to help us face the challenges of the future. We also got to get the bus out on the road in October. We were filmed by the Supreme Master TV for a documentary clip, and handed out vegan donuts and propaganda at the Ashfield Fall Festival (view the photos here).

group photo with the Vegan Bus and Supreme Master crews

The Vegan Bus crew with Supreme Master TV at the Ashfield Fall Festival in Massachusetts

Once the weather got too cold to run the bus we took it off the road and stored it at board member Heather Bargeron’s farm, where it is (hopefully) sitting now. Founder and president Derek Goodwin migrated to New Orleans for the winter to form a southern base for the project. Not one to waste any time, he soon became the New Orleans Vegan Examiner and joined in helping organize the New Orleans VeggieFest. He is planning his return in May to begin working on upgrading the bus inside and out for a planned tour in July.


The Vegan Bus crew will also be making an appearance at the Veggie Pride Parade in NYC on May 16th. Unfortunately they won’t allow the bus in the parade…

Stay tuned for updates on the tour, fund raising events and other shenanigans as the warm weather returns to New England and the bus wakes from hibernation!

A New Year for the Bus

Posted by on 07 Apr 2009 | Tagged as: The Bus Blog

The weather’s warming up, the veggie oil is starting to flow, and another season of bus maintenance is upon us. Watch this space as the bus begins to take shape and we awaken from our winter slumber. The interior is getting a work-over to bring new levels of comfort to our animal liberation tours. Acoustical issues are under scrutiny. The ever-present issue of oil filtration continues to inspire. Where do we begin?

Vegan Bus Gearing Up For 2008!

Posted by on 05 May 2008 | Tagged as: Our Travels, The Bus Blog

The Vegan Bus in Nevada 2007

Our web site has been a bit quiet lately, and I apologize. The bus was taken off the road for the winter in order to save money on insurance. We found out on a trip to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in November of 2007 that the heating system was not adequate, and doing any kind of remodeling on the bus in the midst of a harsh New England winter did not seem like much fun.

Now that the trees are budding, the flowers are blooming, and the grease is becoming more viscous, we are looking forward to getting the bus back on the road!

July 24, 2008: We regret that we will not be taking the Vegan Bus to Burning Man this year due to finances and circumstance. We look forward to doing it up right in 2009…

Burning Man 2008!
The BIG news is that we have decided to go to Burning Man again this year! Last year we got the bus less than a month before we drove 3000 miles to Nevada and it made for some stress and frantic work schedules. This year we have more time to plan and more experience to contribute, so it should be a smooth ride… he he. The exact dates are still to be determined, but it will be the last part of August through the 1st week of September.

We are looking for some new riders this time around, to mix things up a bit and keep it fresh. Anyone who is somewhere between Northampton, MA and the Black Rock desert in Nevada is welcome to apply, just contact us through this site! We will provide a earth-friendly ride, vegan food and optional camping. We are willing to veer a bit off route to pick people up. Check out the route we took last year for an idea of the route this year.

August 1-3: Farm Sanctuary Hoe Down
We have a weekend trip to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY planned for people who want to take a shorter trip and see one of the most peaceful and inspiring places on the planet. Here is the blurb from Farm Sanctuary’s site about that:

Join like-minded animal advocates for an energizing and educational weekend conference at our New York Shelter. Offering up-to-date information on critical farm animal issues, groundbreaking campaigns, and effective advocacy strategies, the Hoe Down is an inspirational event for activists of all experience levels. Highlights include an exciting lineup of animal protection speakers, shelter time with the animals, delightful vegan food, and an evening barn dance.

We will provide travel and the option of sleeping on the bus, or you can bring a tent. Prices TBA.

We will also be doing some day trips to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Woodstock, NY.

If you are interested in hearing more about upcoming events, or participating in the Vegan Bus project in any way, please sign up for our email list here:

The Vegan Bus Beer Commercial…

Posted by on 25 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: The Bus Blog

Molly in Vegan Bus shirt

I found this photo of our friend Molly on the web wearing a Vegan Bus shirt and standing looking sultry next to a pool table. Thanks for the photo shout out Molly!

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